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Tuesday, February 19 2013

The Ten Basic Benefits of Hardwood Floors:

1. The installation is easy. Since hardwood flooring is universal, the installation process is basic. You will not have to hire a specialist, which you often do with those who cut angeled tiles, etc.
2. Hardwood floors are easy to clean. These floors require only weekly vacuuming or a light over-dust with a dry or lightly damp mop.
3. The look of wealth. That's right. Hardwood floors look expensive, when truthfully they're not considering long-term ROI.
4. Strength and durability: These floors standup to high traffic areas and heavy furniture.
5. A great investment: Hardwood floors increase the value of any property, period!
6. Variety: Hardwood floors come with a variety of different styles, finishes, stains.... and more.
7. Better acoustics: A properly installed hardwood floor never gives your property hollow sounds or vibrations.
8. Low maintenance: Hard wood floors do not require the constant maintenance associated with carpet.
9. Healthy indoor air quality: Hardwood floors cut down on allergens and prevent illness.
10. Refinished: Hardwood floors never have to be replaced if kept up properly. And, if you decide you want to change or polish the look fo your hardwood floors, simply have them refinished!

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