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Saturday, March 09 2013

When people do decide to gave wood flooring installed, they have several decisions to make. Color, thickness, type and then pattern. 

There are many patterns available when it comes to hardwood flooring. We here at Fabulous Floors want you to have access to the basics when it comes to wood flooring patterns.

Random pattern can be installed either straight or diagonal using boards of different widths. This pattern will make your room look larger.

Herringbone can be installed either parallel to the walls or in diagonal. On a square room, diagonal herringbone installation would be more economical both time wise and labor wise. Herringbone does require more labor since it is an intricate job.

Parquet flooring is a wooden floor made out of many pieces of wood, interlocking together to create a pattern. Sometimes, parquet flooring is made out of 2 or more different essences of wood. Statistically speaking, apparently, homes with parquet flooring are always sold faster than houses with other types of flooring.

Picture frame pattern is sometimes used to point a certain feature of a home: a fireplace frame, or a frame around the dining table area. If done right, this can highlight a room. If wrong, this pattern can close a room in. Have a professional review your home's floor plan before committing to this style.

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Thursday, March 07 2013

Discovering how efficient hardwood floors are can be a relief. But what about color? Color can make or break any room. Color stains on wood can update your style or date your style. Some people like a weathered look, others want a glossy finish. The great thing about hardwood flooring is its ability to change in color without having to re-install it. And, did you know because of each type of wood's natural finish- each stain goes on differently?

Each one of the below photos has a Mahogany finish stain. Hardwood floors can stain differently because of the type and texture of the wood, previous treatments, layers of the new stain and the type of product being used for the new stain.

We here at Fabulous Floors can help you navigate changing the color and appearance of your current hardwood floors. Let us know what style, look and even texture you have and want to achieve. We are here to help!

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Tuesday, March 05 2013

There are tons and tons of wood species available for hardwood floor installation. In fact, too many to list here. But, do you know the most popular types of hardwood used for flooring purposes? We are listing them below!

Red oak - Red oak is the most popular flooring option in the U.S. Reddish in color with a coarse grain, it's a stiff and dense wood that resists wear, but not as well as white oak.

White oak - White oak is brown in color but can have a grayish cast. The grain is similar to red oak, with more burls and swirls. It is harder and more durable than red oak.

Birch - Birch can range in color from light yellow to dark brownish red. It's softer than red oak, but is still a strong wood.

Beech - Beech has a reddish brown color and a very consistent grain. It is quite durable and has excellent shock resistance.

Pine - Pine is a yellowish brown color and contains a lot of swirls and knots. It has a natural resistance to insects and is about as hard as red oak.

Cherry - Cherry wood is a light brown color. Because it's a soft wood, cherry isn't often used for a whole floor. Instead, it makes an excellent decorative or accent wood.

Douglas fir - Douglas fir is a yellowish tan color. This wood is about half as soft as red oak and can dent easily. It is only appropriate in certain flooring situations.

Want to know about the right flooring for your home or business?

Contact Fabulous Floors today!

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Saturday, March 02 2013

Many people do want to was their hardwood floors on occasion. Lots of water is never good for hardwood floors. But, you can use a damp mop. More so, if you want to use a little cleaning agent to make them shine- you can. Oil soaps are terrible. Don't use them. In fact, we recommend using a natural and "green" way to clean.

If you want to add a little shine to your hardwood floors- try this mixture the next time you clean. And, again, don't overuse water or this method:

  1. First, get a bucket of clean, plain water
  2. Add 1/2 cup white vinegar to 1 gallon of warm/hot water
  3. Add in two drops of orange essential oil to the water and vinegar mixture.
  4. Use one microfiber cloth per room to wipe the floor down.
  5. Once you mix the vinegar and oil with the water soak the microfiber cloth inthe liquid and ring it out.
  6. Get on your hands and knees and wipe the floordown.
  7. You should change the cloth each time you enter a new room.

Some people like using a mop for this mixture. Although the mop method probably does work, we suggest going with the old-fashion method of wiping the floors down while on your hands and knees. This allows you to reallymonitor the moisture level and microfibers will not damage your floors-unlike some mops that will.

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