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 Hardwood Resurfacing 
Hardwood Floor Resurfacing - Our Trademark Service!
The vast majority of Hardwood Floors have only mild marring, scratches and wear. You live on your floors, its nothing more than life happening. Many times the deeper marks of life in your floors are worn as a badge of courage, it’s character and certainly good for conversation.

These floors don’t require the intensity of labor, time and expense of a complete refinishing. These floors need a face-lift they need Tender Loving Care. These floors need Fabulous Floor technicians to gently sand away those surface marks and general wear. We will then apply a coat of High Quality, Long Lasting Polyurethane, leaving the deeper marks of life stories and character.

This service is noninvasive to the flooring and to the family. Resurfacing does not affect the color or integrity of the wood; it does not create airborne dust or fumes, it is completely Green (good for your family and my staff). There is no reason to vacate your home, no mess, and no fuss. IT DOES leave behind a fabulous sheen and the warmth of your stories. It is the single most cost effective value-added home improvement available. The best part, oh yeah, the best part is the price and time requirements . . . It’s only Ninety-Nine Cents per square foot (.99 sq. ft.) and can be accomplished within hours, NOT DAYS.
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